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I have two major research projects ongoing:

First, the collective IETT project conducted jointly with our partners in E-NeW (Europe in a Networked World) which is currently working on an application for a Horizon 2020 grant to be lodged in February 2017. The project will focus of the contemporary history of artistic and creative practice in Europe.

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Secondly, I have a personal research project which aims to produce a multi-volume critical history of the PRC’s cultural practices and their conditions of production and consumption in the context of four decades of social, political and economic evolution, 1976-2016. This research will consider change and stasis in the condition of cultural production and reception in the context of the “long moment” that consists in the constitution of a “modern” China, a process started in the nineteenth century and which has yet to be concluded. This research is founded on 35 years of scholarly observation of recent Chinese cultural practices. The project is equally grounded in a 30 year long record of scholarly production on “contemporary” Chinese cultural practice and reception.



China Dreaming: EXIT 13 or China and the World in 2030 followed by China's Spectacular-oneiric Society. Lyon : Tigre de Papier, 2015 [59 pages]. iBook

The Eighth Chinese Merchant and the Disappeared Seamen. Lyon : Tigre de Papier, 2015 [62 pages]. iBook

Un Spectre hante la Chine: Fondements de la contestation actuelle une histoire politico-culturelle 1978-1990.Lyon: Tigre de papier, 2012.

China's Lost Decade : The Politics and Poetics of the 1980s. Brookline, MA: Zephyr Press, 2012.

Troubadours, Trumpeters, Troubled Makers: Lyricism, Nationalism, and Hybridity in China and Its Others, Durham, Duke University Press, 1996.


« Sortie 13 » in Nathalie Caritoux, Florent Villard (dir.), Nouvelles Psychogéographies, Paris/Milan, Éditions Mimesis, Collection L’Œil et l’esprit, 2016.
(Voir ci-dessous : “Psychogéographies, poétiques de l’exploration urbaine : sources, figures, actualité”, colloque 6-7 juin 2013.)

“Cameron, the Slave Trade, Xinjiang, llham Tohti and Oxford Refugees”, 19 October 2015. « La « Marche sur Lyon » ou le conte des deux forts » in Transtext(e)sTranscultures 9 | 2014 (Géopolitique de la connaissance et transferts culturels) DOI : 10.4000/transtexts.514.

« Hong Kong ou la construction d’une identité démocratique autonome » inNouvel Observateur avec Rue 89 12 October 2014, 9, 488 visites (29.02.2016).

«Après Simon Leys : lettre ouverte aux sinologues et défenseurs des droits humains » in Nouvel Observateur avec Rue 89 16 August 2014, 8, 696 visites (29.02.2016). « A qui profite la visite du président chinois à Lyon? » avec Florent Villard, in Le Monde 25 March 2014.

“‘In the Steps of Deng Xiaoping’ - Xi Jinping’s Visit to Lyon, Academic Freedom, and the Re- Writing of History” in Mediapart Blog. “Deng Xiaoping, John Lee Hooker and Me”, 20 August 2014.

“Tomorrow’s Humanities? Head in the Clouds, Back to the Future, Across the World” in Occasion: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanitiesv. 6 (1 October 2013)

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“No More Heroes? The Chinese Nobel Laureates that Weren't” in Brigitte Gauthier, ed.,Viva Pinter: Harold, Pinter's Spirit of Resistance,pp.161-167, Peter Lang, 2009. Available at Social Science Research Network.

Seminars and Conferences

"Postcolonial Europe”: Invited participant: Roundtable, Goldsmiths College, Londres, 9 juin 2014.

«De la microhistoire à la «Big History»: Raconter des histoires pour les sans voix,”» Invited Lecture, Institut d'Histoire, Université de Neuchâtel, Suisse, 20 novembre 2013.

«La Chine et les Chinois dans l’imaginaire des Français,» Festival international de géographie de Saint Dié 2013 « LA CHINE, UNE PUISSANCE MONDIALE », 5 octobre 2013.

«Sortie 13» Psychogéographies, poétiques de l’exploration urbaine : sources, figures, actualité. Colloque IRPhil/IETT, Université Jean Moulin 6-7 juin 2013

“The Politics of the Sunflower,” Goldsmiths College, Invited Lecture, Londres, 29 février 2012.

“How We Imagine China, How We Imagine Ourselves,” European Association for Chinese Studies, XIXth Conference, Paris, 5-8 septembre 2012. Reconceptualizing Migration and Diaspora in the Light of Changing Geo-Economics, Mass Communications and Climatic Conditions. KEYNOTE, Royal Irish Academy Modern Languages Symposium. at Academy House, Dublin, 2 décembre 2011.

“Very Unsung Heroes: The Chinese seamen who served Britain.” Invited Public Lecture. 26mai2010. University of Liverpool Cathedral Lectures.

“Not All the Same: Origins and Evolutions of Liverpool’s Chinese Community”. Invited Lecture. 27 May 2010. Liverpool Confucius Insitute, University of Liverpool.

“China and Ireland – Partners in Crimes (of History) followed by the Place of Ireland in the Chinese intellectual Imaginary.” Opening Plenary Paper. Third Annual Conference of the Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland. “China and Ireland: Old Countries, New Dreams.” Hosted by The Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at University College Dublin and UCD Confucius InstituteforIreland. 24 avril 2010.

“Deconstructing the Myth of the “Asian Way” Instituting a Just History of Colonialism.” Keynote address. Workshop on Humanitarian Intervention. Malmö University. 4mars2010.

“Chine 1979-1991: Poétique et politique d'un edécennie disparue.” Invited lecture. Department of Comparative Literature, University of Montréal. 11septembre2009.

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“Amérique, A-mei-li-gaand Métissage: Looking for America in Martinique, Gold Mountain and the Cuban Chinese Restaurant.” Invited lecture. Rethinking American Studies: Media, Languages and Geographies, Conference Geographies. Hostedby: Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University English Department, Stockholm University and The National Library of Sweden. Stockholm 20mars2009.

“Destruction de la mémoire,invention de latradition dans lepays ageurbain chinois” Lyon,7March2009. Invited paper. Colloque International Espacede l'esthétique, esthétiques de l'espace: Regards croisésent rel'Occident et l'Extrême Orient, Institut de Recherches philosphiques de Lyonet le PPF EuropeAsie.5-7mars2009.