Isabel Maria da Costa MORAIS

Associate professor
University of Lyon (Jean Moulin)


Project INVASIA stands for Inventory of the linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage of Portuguese-speaking communities in South China and Southeast Asia. It is a research program undertaken and this is IIUM’s participation in the program Multilinguismo no Mundo Digital—Multimundi (Multilingualism in a Digital World) chaired by UNESCO and coordinated by the University of Campinas (UNICAMPO, S. Paulo, Brazil). INVASIA aims to study Portuguese-speaking representational communities in South China and Southeast Asia (Macau, Hong Kong, Malacca, Tugu, Larantuka, and Bidao). Languages, traditional music, interviews, field research, and photographic credits will de displayed in a special website. 2. Participation on piloting of the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE), developed by the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe. AIE is a document developed within a general framework of language education, education about religious diversity and education for democratic citizenship. In particular, it is a tool to foster respect for diversity, dialogue, and social inclusion. 3.Chinese Diaspora in Portuguese Speaking Countries.


PhD University/Year - The University of Hong Kong, 2004 Doctoral Degree in Comparative Literature.
MA University/Year - The University of Macau, 1995 Master’s Degree in Luso Asian Studies.
BA University/Year - The University of Lisbon, 1977, ‘Licenciatura em Filologia Germânica (a 5-year university degree in Germanic Philology.

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Co-author, Continuar a Falar Português, Macau: Macau Education Department, October 1990;

Co-author of the article “Reading perspectives of the literary text in the pictorial text”, published in the Review of History of the Seas Maré Liberum, Portugal: The National Commission for the Commemorations of the Portuguese Discoveries, 04 December 1992.

“The Chinese Diaspora in Mozambique,” in The Chinese Heritage Centre Bulletin, Singapore: 6 December 2005, 25-29.

“Smallpox Vaccinations and the Portuguese in Macao,” Review of Culture, International Edition, 18 April 2006.

"Images of Law in Chinese Crime Fiction", pp. 251 -276 in Culture Law and Order, Chinese and Western Traditions, International Symposium Proceedings, The Macau Ricci Institute, May 2007; University of Macau.


Organisation and Participation 28 May-2 June- 2007 Strategic Corruption Control & Organizational Integrity )(IIUM & TIRI) Organisation and Intervention Sept. - Oct. Hispanic Cultural Festival (Conferences Gastronomy & Arts,

28 Sept-26 Oct. 2007 Paper: "Chinese Cubans" Interventions “Smallpox Vaccinations and the Portuguese in Macao,” paper presented at the Seminar “Celebrating 200 years of Smallpox Vaccines in Macau”, Macau Inter-University Institute,

13 January 2005 Paper: “Balmis in China,”paper presented at Zhongshan University of Guangdong,

14 January 2005 18 January 2006 Paper "On Rizal’s Trail in the late nineteenth century world of Hong Kong and Macau: Some Comparative Reflections on Eurasians Elites and National Identities.

21 January 2007 IIUM Conference on East Timor: Colonial and Post-Colonial History Paper: Macau and East Timor: The Redundancy of Solidarity.

7 May -2007 Day of Europe –Seminar “China Europe- Comparative Studies’ & Launch of UCP/IIUM ELP Paper:"The European Language Portfolio (ELP): A New Challenge for Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity in China".

18-22 June 2007 -International Meeting “Multilinguism in the Digital World” (University of Campinas, Brazil) Paper: INVASIA - Inventário do Património Histórico e Cultural das comunidades de representação lusófona no Sul da China e no Sudeste Asiático (Universidade do Vale do Paraiba – Univap São José dos Campos).

25-28 Sep 2007 13th FIEALC International Federation of Latin American and the Caribbean Studies (MAPEAL Macao Association for the Promotion of Exchange between Asia-Pacific & Latin America) Paper: On Rizal’s Trail in the late nineteenth century world of Hong Kong and Macau: Some Comparative Reflections on Eurasians Elites and National Identities.

4-5 December 2007 Asian Heritages at the Crossroads (HKU) Paper "(Re)Imagining Macau: The Power of Memory and The Realms of Memory.

12-14th Dec. 2007 -11th UNESCO – APEID International Conference, Bangkok Paper : Development, Heritage, and Social Issues:New Challenges on Higher Education and Research in a «Global Town» – the case of Macao"